Energy Medicine

Several different type of Energy Medicine Sessions and protocols are available which are dependent upon each client's unique goals.  

Balance and Bliss Sessions provide an opportunity for deep relaxation and follow a specific protocol.   Selections available include:  Weaving the Yins, Mini Energy Balancer, Brazilian Toe Technique, Black Pearl Sanctuary, Chakra Balancing or a combination of these protocols.

Wellness Sessions are designed to track specific energies that are out of balance and work to restore them to a more natural state.  This can include work with the chakras, meridians, aura and other energy systems in the body.  These sessions generally require more active participation from the client with repeated energy testing.

Shamanic Sessions which may include space clearing (done in client's home), cord cutting or performing Death Rites for individuals who have passed are also available. 


Classes on the Eden Method Releasing Pain, Managing Stress & Anxiety or Balancing Your Hormones Naturally are listed as Events on Facebook and currently offered via zoom.

What to Expect during an Energy Medicine session:  A initial brief interview is typically conducted (excludes Balance & Bliss Sessions) so that the healing opportunity is clearly identified and goal of the session established.   After the interview  the client will typically recline comfortably, fully clothed on a massage table for the session.    At the end of a session a client is often given some “homework” to help ground the healing into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

After a Balance and Bliss Session clients often comment they just want to "stay put" for awhile longer as they feel so completely relaxed.   During a Wellness or Shamanic Session clients also often state how relaxed and more balanced they feel around the challenge that brought them to the session.

For more  information on any of the Energy Medicine Services available contact CJ at  


Current Balance & Bliss Offerings 

Weaving the Yins – 60 minutes

This session is deeply revitalizing and works with the 6 different Yin Meridians.  Weaving the Yin energies allows them to work together more easily as a whole which helps them to become stronger and more supportive of the Yang meridians.  This protocol uses 22 different connections following the flow and control cycles of the Five Element Model.   When the Yin meridians are strong the Yang meridians get to relax, what a treat!

Mini Energy Balancer 30 minutes (can be combined w/Brazilian Toe for a 60-minute session)

This powerful technique’s purpose is to assist a person’s energy to have a better flow throughout the entire body.  It can be a standalone service or combined with other offerings.  This hands-on protocol traces certain energies of the body and works with a few specific meridians and neurolymphatic points.  A great way to create more balance in your energetic body.

Brazilian Toe30 minutes (can be combined with a Mini-Energy Balancer for a 60-minute session)

The Brazilian Toe Technique uses acupressure points on the feet to promote deep relaxation and activates the release of toxins.  This protocol has been used to treat the side effects of cancer treatments and is excellent for soothing general aches and pains as well.  Clients have reported they sleep better and feel calmer!  This technique was first introduced at a Touch for Health Conference in 1980 and is based on general concepts used in Reflexology.

Black Pearl Sanctuary 60 minutes 

This technique is said to nurture the hypothalamus which use to be called the “Black Pearl” in ancient times.  A deep state of relaxation can be felt by using a series of holds on the head which are completed in a specific sequence.   This creates an opportunity to turn off our fight or flight response and enter a state of profound peace and sanctuary, divine!

Chakra Balancing - 60 minutes - Energy testing is done for each Chakra and each layer of the chakras to determine any out of balance conditions.  Imbalances  or stagnant energy is then typically cleared and balance to the chakra is restored.