Shamanic Services

A variety of Shamanic Services are available including Illumination Process, Chakra Balancing, Cord Cutting, Death Rites and Space Clearing to name a few.  The Illumination Process, which is a core portion of many shamanic energy healing sessions, helps you release your past "stories."   During the session, the chakras (energy centers within and around our physical body) may be cleared.  Emotional wounds may be released allowing your chakra to then be illuminated with lighter and more healing energy.  This can allow the client to step forward into a life filled with more joy, clarity and purpose. 

It is recommended that when booking a shamanic session, a client brings an openness for healing to receive the most benefit, just “showing up” will likely not bring forward the desired and available outcome of healing.  Shamanic work can be deeply felt given an individual’s personal journey and may be emotional for some, although others simply experience profound relaxation. 

During an initial shamanic services session an initial brief interview is conducted so that the healing opportunity is clearly identified.  After the interview the client reclines comfortably, fully clothed  and focuses on their breath while the practioner clears and restores the energy flow.   A light touch is also typically applied to the base of the neck during these sessions.  During these one on one sessions an individual healing can unfold as the Shaman will use their knowledge of the medicine wheel and other tools like their medicine stones (crystals), rattle or smudge sticks such as sage to assist with the healing process.   At the end of a session a client is often given some “homework” to help ground the healing into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Many clients express they receive clarity, gain insights and experience healing around the challenge that brought them to the session.

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