Reflexology is a healing modality that applies alternating light pressure to reflex points in the body that are both gentle and non-invasive.  There are actually several different reflex “maps” in the body which are located on the feet, hands, ears and face.  CJ works primarily with the reflexes on the feet.

According to the American Reflexology Certification Board the three primary benefits of reflexology are:

  • reducing stress and bringing about relaxation

  • improving circulation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your cells

  • promoting balance and normalization of the body naturally

A reflexology session is performed with the client fully clothed (socks and shoes off) and resting on a massage table or reclining chair.  The session allows the body to come out of fight and flight mode and back to a state of homeostasis where the body can rejuvenate and repair itself. 


A reflexology session is gentle in its approach – it is not a no pain / no gain session.  In 1932 Sir Charles Sherrington won the Nobel Prize which he shared with Dr. Edgar Adrian.  Dr. Adrian discovered that the electrical intensity of the response of the nerve impulse depended upon the size of the nerve rather than the amount of pressure being applied.  For a reflexologist, this means that using a light pressure with the reflex points can be just as effective as heavy pressure.

After a session clients regularly comment about how relaxed they feel. Come treat yourself!

Sessions can be scheduled in combination with other Energy Medicine options.