About Keys2Connect

What’s in a name you might ask?  Everything and nothing at all !

“Everything” in that I want to convey that the services offered at Keys2Connect can provide you with the ability to find a greater connection to yourself.  This may be in the form of enhanced relaxation, bringing balance back to your body, gaining insight or clarity on a challenge you are having in your life, healing on some level or perhaps all the above. 

“Nothing” in that the name is merely words on a page.  It is the experience of being connected that truly matters.   It is my sincere wish that the services available provide you that connection(s) you are searching for and that are right for you.

It isn’t an accident you came across this website, you are clearly searching for something.  I hope you take the next step after you have reviewed the services provided at Keys2Connect and allow me the privilege of assisting you on your journey to enhanced wellness.

To schedule an appointment, call CJ at 484-467-1048 or send an email to keys2connect@gmail.com.

About CJ (Claire Janet)

Certified Energy Medicine Practioner

Certified Reflexologist

Reiki Master / Teacher

CJ still has a day job in the "corporate" world, although her passion is working out of her Blue Bell location providing Energy Medicine Services to her clients. She also enjoys teaching (via zoom) about energy techniques that can help the body become more balanced and other bits of information. 

She has a B.S. in Computer Based Business Systems and has completed graduate courses in Psychology.   It was during this time that she became intrigued by healing work and continued her studies in various health and wellness topics.  Her life then took a more traditional path and she was married for eleven years and raised two children.  As her children got a bit older she began to actively pursue her interests in healing again and has completed training in several different modalities.  CJ believes these diverse services complement each other and provide individuals with an array of options to find that connection to assist with their own personal healing.

CJ is a Certified Energy Medicine Practioner,  Reflexologist and a Reiki Master.  In February of 2020 CJ completed a two year program with Eden Energy Medicine and in the Spring of  the same year completed additional requirements for her certification.  Previously she had completed a 300-hour certificate program in 2017 for Shamanic Energy Medicine with the Four Winds Society.  For the final two weeks of this program she traveled to Chile.  CJ continues to take classes in various other healing modalities to continue her own personal growth as well as enhance her skills for her work with clients.  

She is passionate about supporting clients on their healing journeys and continues to look for opportunities to expand her knowledge of Energy Medicine and other wellness modalities.  In addition to working with clients directly CJ is available to provide workshops about a variety of Energy Medicine topics and currently offers several classes via zoom.

By taking the time to nurture one’s self we can begin to unlock and experience our own keys to bring more balance, relaxation and joy into our own lives.    We can begin to create enhanced health and wellness away from the stressful environment most of us live in every day.  The commitment to self-care is not always an easy one, but it is so vital to staying balanced and being able to share the best of who we are every day with everyone we meet.